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R&A Reimbursement Policy - for Outstation Audits

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  1. Local Conveyance (Jaipur )Jaipur Home to Bus Stand/Railway- 
    Actual as per OLA-share/Motorcycle/Auto, Micro or UBER Auto/Motorcycle/Micro (Show app for verification of Reimbursement ). (If charges reach above 150 for any trip, from your house intimate the assignment partner).For other cases when Individual is unable to catch an UBER/OLA (Rickshaw /Auto/Private Travel etc.) maximum payable @ Rs. 100 for 5 km & above) if travel by auto etc.
    (Advise nearby people take common vehicle)

  2. Hotel booking/Train/Bus booking :- 
    All such bookings to be done only in advance or even if audit is going on by Partner with Prakshal Jain/Abhinav Rajvanshi/Abhishek Rajvanshi (Partners Only). Hotel Bookings and Train/Bus Bookings done by articles will not be ratified by partners on their own and will also not be reimbursed.Request assignment partner to do same for you.

  3. Local Travel (audit only) : Maximum Travel Permitted only through Metro (In Delhi NCR) and in other cities where Cab OLA/UBER facility is available the same may be used. However in small villages / non cities - An amount equal to Rs. 75 (Maximum Limit) per travel per audit team (Consisting of 2-3 Articles) shall be payable ; If verification of OLA/UBER not available.

  4. Fooding & other Expenses :
    All articles/employees of R&A must All food  bills etc. must be paid from Debit card/paytm only.  No cash bills or handmade/kachha bills will be reimbursed or entertained  limit.(If location is remote village/Rural advance permission to be obtained from partners CA Prakshal
    Jain/CA Abhinav Rajvanshi if exceeds threshold limit). 
    Threshold limit Rs. 180/- per person/per meal(for breakfast and dinner each)(no inter adjustment are allowed.
    If lunch/ dinner provided at client place, the limit of refund may not be adjusted and no reimbursement shall be made.

    *All payment made from debit/credit cards ,Paytm ,Phonepay or Google Pay , other verified sources only etc. The article/employee must provide the debit/credit card payment slip or paytm account screenshot for verification.
    Cash Bills won't be reimbursed at all. The cash bills will be reimbursed if audit trip is made to places where banking facilities not available and will be reimbursed only upto the above mentioned threshold limit.

  5. Others : Waterbottle  & tea (don’t include in restaurant bills) separate payment for the same as per actual.

  6. Reimbursement Format : All the reimbursement should be made in desired format. And duly signed with original vouchers attached. Photocopies will not be entertained. Only the card slips will not be reimbursed, they must be accompanied by original vouchers.

  7. Reimbursable Audit Assignments : Extra care and caution must be kept for audit at clients which reimbursement the travel and lodging expenses after proper checking and verification only. Eg: Reliance Trendz Audits, PSU Audits, Statutory Audits, Government Internal Audits. Proper Voucher must be kept.

- By the order of management of Firm